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Access a full library of 200+ classes.

Launches Sunday 24th April 2022

7 Day free trial included



The Livinleggings Studio fills the space of taking you from beginner to intermediate, a level that we like to call 'improvers'.

This is not another cookie cutter yoga studio.

This is not an app you forget you have on your phone.

This is a community for those who love to practice, to move, to feel better in their own skin and who find joy in exploring the amazing potential of the human body!

And of course, for those who would like to learn to do just that :)

Whatever your goals, whatever your mood - there's a class for that!

Here's a small taster of some of the class categories you'll find within the Livinleggings Studio.

​​More Than Just Movement

Become a member of the Livinleggings Studio to help take your practice to the next level.

<p><span class="text-xl">200+ Classes</span></p>

200+ Classes

From 10-60 minutes in length, find a class that tickles your pickle from over 15 categories, with multiple filters to help you refine your choice.

<p><span class="text-xl">Monthly Practice Calendars</span></p>

Monthly Practice Calendars

Spend less time scrolling and more time practicing with monthly practice calendars to guide you to a class each day.

<p><span class="text-xl">Find Structure</span></p>

Find Structure

Got a specific goal pose in mind? Find collections of classes to help you build all the required elements to piece the puzzle together.

<p><span class="text-xl">Community Classes</span></p>

Community Classes

Join live classes with Liv to come together and practice as a group and receive guidance, support and cheerleading for your efforts and successes!

<p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" ><span class="text-xl">Connect</span></span></p>


Get access to the Private Facebook Community to connect with like-minded people, share your practice, start conversations and ask questions.

Simple Options to Suit Your Needs

Every plan starts with a 7 day free trial to take the studio for a test drive.

price option <p>On Demand Library</p>

On Demand Library

£50 p/m

This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of the content in the library:

• 200+ classes

• Monthly practice calendars

• New videos added every week

price option <p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" >On Demand + More</span></p>

On Demand + More

£70 p/m

This subscription gives you all that is included in the 'On Demand Library' membership plus:

• Access to 2 live classes each week

• Inclusive of 7 day replay per class

price option <p><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-left block">Annual Membership: Save 10%</span></span></p><br/><br/><br/><p><span class="text-left block">On Demand Library</span></p><p><span class="text-left block">On Demand + More</span></p><br/><br/>

Annual Membership: Save 10%

On Demand Library

On Demand + More



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Frequently Asked Questions

What style of classes can I expect?

The majority of the classes in the Studio are Liv's signature 'vin-hatha' style which are mobility based sequences finding both strength and flexibility within the body, linking movement with breath in a creative, fluid style flow.

Future plans for the Studio are to diversify these classes to include Restorative, Slow Flow, Tutorial and Drills based classes and much much more!

Is this suitable for beginners?

Classes within the Studio are categorised by intensity so you can choose how challenging you would like your practice to be.

'Beginners' is a very vague term, and one that everyone has a unique opinion of and therefore a difficult question to answer!

If you have no experience of body weight movement, and are an absolute yoga beginner, many of the classes within the Studio may feel too demanding however if you are unsure, we would encourage you to try the 7 Day Free Trial so you can make that decision for yourself!

How do the live classes work?

Live classes are every Tuesday at 6pm* for 60 minutes and Thursday at 7am* for 30 minutes.

These classes are held via zoom where Liv can see and guide you and are included in the 'On Demand + More' membership. They are also uploaded for these members to replay for 7 days if attending live isn't suitable.

Non-members can book these classes on an ad-hoc basis via the 'Book Live Classes' Menu option within the Studio.

*Times are in UK time, currently BST

How does the free trial work?

Get a full weeks access for free to explore the Studio and see if it's right for you!

Not a good fit? Just cancel before your 7 days is up to avoid being charged.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes you can cancel your membership at any time.

Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew.

Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

Where do I sign up?!

We thought you'd never ask!!

The Livinleggings Studio launches on Sunday 24th April 2022 so you don't have long to wait!

Receive all the latest updates via email by joining the mailing list here or simply check back here on Sunday!