More Mobility Challenge: V2

Mobility is incredibly important your your overall health. Increased mobility prevents you from getting injuries. It allows you to squat deeper, run faster, train harder, live better.

In this second version of the More Mobility Challenge we're stepping the mobility gains up a gear!



A Good Old Quad Stretch

This class does exactly what it says on the tin - it gives your quads a good old stretch!

Day 2

Shoulder Mobility Circuit

You'll need a couple of blocks for this mobility based circuit. Enjoy!

Day 3

Wrist Strength

This yoga wrist strength routine will help build strength so you can Plank, Downdog, Crow or Handstand to your heart's content.

Day 4

No Equipment Full Body Mobility

This class tackles all of the common problematic areas that we can lack mobility in - shoulders, hips, upper back, and ankles.

Day 5

Spinal Mobility

Give your spine some love with twists, side bends, strength building and finding flexibility to work on wheel pose.

Day 6

Hip + Shoulder Mobility Workout

This class works in supersets, where we have a hip mobility exercise followed by shoulder mobility exercise, finishing with spinal extension



Mobility Mood Boost

A smile inducing class to have fun and feel good with.

Day 8

Hack Your Hamstrings - Mobility Training

If you're serious about wanting to improve your hamstring flexibility, this class is for you!

Day 9

Spinal Mobility: Twists + Backbends

This class focuses on rotation and extension of the spine - also known as twists and backbends!

Day 10

Mellow Mobility

Open up the shoulders and hips in this mellow mobility class!

Day 11

Ankle Mobility Flow

This ankle mobility class builds range of motion in the ankle as well as strength and stability all within a fun, balance themed flow.

Day 12

20 Minute Lower Body Stretch

Take yourself 20 minutes to stretch out the lower body - glutes, hamstrings, hips and calves included.

Day 13

Shoulder Mobility

A shoulder mobility training class. You will need a couple of yoga blocks, a stick (or a strap would work), and a surface such as a box/bench/chair/ coffee table etc.

Day 14

60 Minute Intermediate Mobility Flow

This 60 minute class works into the whole body with a focus on active flexibility.

You're basically a ninja now!

The way to take your mobility training to the next level is to add weight! If that's something you want to try check out the Mobility Based Training Trio for a great introduction to weight-based mobility training.

Mobility Based Training Trio