Monthly Practice Calendar
Monthly Practice Calendar

Monthly Practice Calendar

Spend less time choosing and more time moving. Just turn up and take the class of the day!

Here's Your February Calendar

This yoga calendar will give you a little bit of everything for a well rounded practice, from strength building to back-bending!

Feb 01

Fiery Core

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Short but spicy core strengthening class.

Feb 02

Legs For Days

This 30 minute class focuses mainly on lengthening the hamstrings, leaving your legs feeling longer than ever!

Feb 03

Yoga With Weights: Hip Mobility

This is a circular style flow class, weaving strengthening movements with the dumbbells in alongside traditional asana!

Feb 04

Exploring Shoulder Extension

In this class we explore shoulder extension in backbends.

Feb 05

A Nice Burst Of Energy

Another morning yoga class to get the juices flowing!

Feb 06

A Well Rounded Yoga Class

This class has a bit of everything!

Feb 07

Done At Your Desk: Day 1

This class has releasing stretches for your neck, lengthening movements for the upper back and some energising twists!

Feb 08

Flexibility For Straddle

Improving your flexibility in Straddle is WAY more than just getting longer hamstrings. This class covers it all.

Feb 09

Inversions Yoga Flow

This short class is an inversions yoga flow, giving you the opportunity to work on your headstand, forearm stand and handstand.

Feb 10

Better Than Coffee

A morning practice to give you a positive kickstart to the day in a non-caffeinated way!

Core + More

A strong flow class with standing poses like Warrior 2 and Side Angle, + core strength movements such as Side Plank, Fallen Triangle + Crow.

Feb 11

Open Hips For Grasshopper

Work towards Grasshopper pose - an arm balance with a big slice of hip opening pie!

Feb 12

Improve Your Ankle Mobility

This class is giving those ankles some love, woven amongst a sequence that will also strengthen your legs and open your hips!

Feb 13

15 Minute Mobility Snack

Take just 15 minutes to move through this low intensity full-body mobility snack.

Feb 14

Twist It Out

A beginner friendly flow, focusing on poses designed to twist out and refresh the body.

Feb 15

Yoga With Weights: Full Body Strength

This class will build strength in your legs, core and upper body whilst also cultivating length with forward folds, hip openers and twists!

Feb 16

Spines & Shoulders

Free up your shoulders and back with side bends, twists and overhead stretches and expect a little love for your hamstrings too.

Feb 17

Yoga with Weights: Full Body Focus

Come move through this full body flow, giving attention to ankle mobility, hip openers, strong and long hamstrings and supple shoulders!

Feb 18

Relaxing Yoga Class

This class is a slower paced, gentle yoga flow to wind down and release tension in the body.

Feb 19

The Not So Little Mermaid

This class prepares the body for King Pigeon, exploring a Mermaid bind variation.

Feb 20

Alive In 5: Class 3

The Alive in 5 series is designed to get you moving and feeling better in just 5 minutes.

Feb 21

Working Towards Crow

If you're working on finding your balance in Crow pose, this is the class for you!

Feb 22

Handstands: Learning To Fall - And Not Fall

In this class we look at drills to improve our ability to control a fall as well as fall with confidence.

Feb 23

A Little Bit Bendy

This class has a subtle backbend focus with shoulder openers and quad stretches

Feb 24

Feb 24

New classes will be released on the day.

Feb 25

Lizard Hips

This class focuses on hip mobility - working on strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination to get your hips feeling healthy and happy.

Feb 26

Morning Yoga Flow

20 minutes is all you need to move through this all levels morning yoga flow and start your day feeling positive, productive and happy :)

Feb 27

Supple Shoulders: Mobility Training

This class is full of drills to improve your shoulder flexibility and stability, to give you strong, supple shoulders.

Feb 28

Tight Hip Flexor Flow

Target those tight hip flexors with this 20 minute intermediate yoga class.

Feb 29

Twisting Ladder Flow

A twisting sequence of shapes that broaden the chest and lengthen the lats.