Back to the Mat Challenge

Wanting to get back into a regular yoga practice or just need a little extra motivation to move every day? This challenge is the perfect reintroduction to get you falling in love with a daily practice.

14 classes, 14 days, feel good flows... You In?!



Alive In 5: Class 3

Core, quads, hamstrings, shoulders and inner thighs - who knew you could target so many things in such a short space of time!

Day 2

Shoulder Stretch

Just 10 minutes to feel better in your body, today we open up the shoulders.

Day 3

Lengthen Those Hamstrings

Today we get lengthening those hamstrings!

Day 4

Yoga & Mobility Hybrid

Mobilise your hips, spine and shoulders with this short, creative class to feel better in your body :)

Day 5

Simply Sun Salutes

In this class we move through Sun Salute A, B and C with a little sprinkling of variety in there for good measure

Day 6

Open Your Upper Back

This is the kinda class you need to find more freedom in your shoulders and spine as we focus of opening up the thoracic spine.

Day 7

Seated Stretch

Get comfy and cosy for this wind down, gentle seated stretch.

Day 8

Tight Hip Flexor Flow

Target those tight hip flexors with this 20 minute intermediate yoga class.

Day 9

Lunge Lovers Flow

This steady-paced flow works through a range of lunging salutations with postures to open the hip flexors and quads.

Day 10

Ease Into Backbends

Energise your day by expanding into the front of the body with some not-too-intense backbends.

Day 11

A Little Bit Of Everything

All all-round practice to open into the shoulders, hips and legs with some interesting balances to give a try!

Day 12

Back to Basics

This 'basics' flow is full of postures that you might be super familiar with. Warrior 2, Wide Leg Fold, Reverse Warrior and Downdog.

Day 13

Move With The Breath

An energising class with a steady pace to move with the breath, feeling out the whole body.

Day 14

Twist It Out

A beginner friendly flow, focusing on poses designed to twist out and refresh the body.

You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back!

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