The Original 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Once upon a time, I streamed a live yoga class every day for 21 days in a row. The very first Livinleggings Challenge!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so try the 21 day challenge to help give you the motivation to get on your mat for a little bit each day and see how much better you can feel for it!



Morning Stretch

A 20 minute morning yoga stretch to help you maintain a healthy routine and maybe even form a new healthy habit for life?!

Day 2

Full Body Morning Stretch

Give your whole body a stretch out and wake up well.

Day 3

Wake Up Yoga Stretch

This energising flow is the perfect way to start your day by stretching out and waking up the whole body.

Day 4

Morning Shoulder Stretch

This morning yoga class is focused a little more into the shoulders, stretching away any stiffness and setting you up for a lovely day ahead!

Day 5

Energise Your Morning

Kickstart your morning with this 20 minute energising morning yoga class. Stretch out stiff muscles and awaken the whole body.

Day 6

Morning Yoga Flow

20 minutes is all you need to move through this all levels morning yoga flow and start your day feeling positive, productive and happy :)

Day 7 

Morning Flexibility Flow

This class is a morning flexibility yoga flow, helping us stretch out stiff muscles and feel more comfortable in our bodies :)

Day 8

Short Morning Yoga

You don't need hours to wake up well and start your day off in the right way! This short morning yoga class is the perfect start to any day to stretch out the body and energise the mind.

Day 9

Gentle Morning Yoga

Awaken the body with this gentle 20 minute morning yoga class, stretching out and waking up the entire body.

Day 10

Sunrise Yoga

Wake yourself up with this sunrise yoga morning stretch!

Day 11

Morning Yoga For Hips

Work your way through this 20 minute morning yoga for hips class to shake off the stiffness and start your day well.

Day 12

Morning Yoga For Strength

Start your day feeling strong and empowered with this 20 minute morning yoga for strength class.

Day 13

Morning Yoga For Stiff Legs

This morning yoga class for stiff legs is - as the name suggests - all about the legs! Give the legs a good stretch out to start your day well :)

Day 14

Wake Up & Stretch

Roll out of bed and onto your mat as you stretch away the morning stiffness and energise the body and mind.

Day 15

Energising Morning Yoga

Get the energy flowing and the positive mindset moving with this energising morning yoga class. Just 20 minutes to start your day well!

Day 16

Full Body Morning Yoga

Stretch out a little bit of everything with this full body morning yoga class.

Day 17

Morning Hip Mobility And Flexibility

Open up those hips with this mobility focused morning hip mobility yoga class.

Day 18

20 Minute Morning Yoga

Awaken and energise with this 20 minute morning yoga class!

Day 19

Kickstart Morning Yoga

Kickstart your day with this morning yoga practice. 20 minutes to stretch out and energise.

Day 20

Lower Body Stretch

A nice, stretchy class to get into all the tight spots in those hips and hamstrings.

Day 21

The Best Morning Stretches

This is it! The final day, a 20 minute class full of the best morning yoga stretches in my very humble opinion. Wake up, stretch out, energise and smile!

You made it! How do you feel?

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